Best SEO Forums Or Communities

SEO is a long and continuous process. If you don’t continue doing what you’re doing to rank and improve web traffic, you might get overtaken by your competitors.

When it comes to SEO, issues can arise. Google, the most popular and widely used search engine, do changes its algorithm now and then. And most people may not even know what to do to keep their SEO on the right track.

This explains why SEO forums or communities are highly beneficial to every digital marketer, content writer, online business owner and blogger.

In this article, you’ll learn about the various SEO forums, what they do, including other crucial information. So keep reading to get more information to make the right decision.


Founded in 2005, Reddit is a community with diverse sections. From SEO to politics, you’ll find various topics of interest on Reddit.

It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t know a thing or two about Reddit. The platform is that famous online and boasts diverse communities made up of active members.

You’ll find various topic threads on this platform, known as subreddits. And SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the numerous subreddits, and it’s called r/SEO.

Anyone can register and become a member of this super busy forum. Just provide the required details, choose a password and confirm your account by clicking the link provided.

On Reddit, every member can post texts, links, and images. Members also get to vote comments up or down. And through the voting, you can determine what link, photo, or comment on a thread or topic, is more authentic.

SEO isn’t the only topic discussed on Reddit. But the fact that thousands of members belong to this category makes it worth mentioning. Reddit’s SEO section boasts over 100,000 members.

So, if you’re looking for a top SEO forum or community, Reddit is a top choice. Nevertheless, it still has a couple of pros and cons that you may want to look at.

Here are Reddit’s Pros and Cons.

Reddit’s Pros:

  • Easy signup
  • Excellent moderation
  • Upvote and downvotes make finding valuable comments a breeze.
  • Free to join and post
  • Super large SEO community and topic thread

Reddit’s Cons:

  • Searching for a topic within the r/SEO category is a chore.
  • The platform is quite confusing to understand

Warrior Forum:

Founded in 1997, Warrior Forum, abbreviated as WF, is the world’s largest internet marketing forum. It has a large community with over a million users as of writing.

So, if you’re seeking a forum dedicated to all things internet, Warrior Forum is a great option. It contains tons of valuable content that will help make your digital marketing journey a success.

The extensive SEO and digital marketing threads Warrior Forum has made it one of the best SEO platforms around. It boasts over 200,000 threads.

Joining the Warrior Forum is free and straightforward. Upon signing up, you can create threads, post and read comments shared by others across various threads.

However, if you want access to more content, Warrior Forum has a premium option for you. The premium costs $97 per year. And with this account, you can gain access to content that people with free accounts can’t.

Warrior Forum is an excellent platform for SEO beginners and professionals. Even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of SEO, you can benefit immensely from this community.

The premium may put many people off. But if you’re looking to build a career in digital marketing or be in it for the long haul, you’ll get the value for your money.

Here are the pros and cons of Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum’s Pros:

  • In-depth information on digital marketing and SEO
  • The focus is on digital marketing.
  • Boasts a beginner area.

Warrior Forum’s Cons:

  • Focuses more on digital marketing
  • The premium option is quite expensive

SEO Chat Forum

Here’s another top SEO community. This is where most of the SEO gurus lend a helping hand to those in need. You’ll find over 400,000 threads, all dedicated to SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is quite broad. Hence, it’s easy for users to run into difficulties while trying to navigate through most SEO-based forums or communities.

But that’s where SEO Chat Forum stands out. The search for threads on this forum is a breeze, thanks to the advanced search features and how well-organized this platform is. You can navigate from categories to subcategories with ease.

Furthermore, joining SEO Chat Forum is free. All you need is an active email account (Gmail or Yahoo) to join the forum. You don’t need to pay a dime to comment, read other people’s posts or create a thread.

Here are the SEO Chat Forum’s pros and cons.

SEO Chat Forum’s Pros:

  • Simple navigation
  • Active SEO community
  • Multiple categories and subcategories

SEO Chat Forum’s Cons:

  • Not secure warning. This can be a red flag to many people. But those who ignore the warning and register would benefit immensely from this forum.

Digital Point:

Digital Point is similar to Reddit in some way. The discussions cut across various spheres as Reddit. But Reddit appears to be more popular and has a larger community than Digital Point.

On the other hand, Digital Point focuses more on digital or internet marketing topics, though several off topics appear on the platform.

Like many best SEO communities, registering on Digital Point is a breeze. The only bottleneck is the fact that users are tasked to signup using their Facebook accounts.

While this signup process would help to flush out those claiming to be from regions they’re not, it could be disastrous security-wise. A security breach could put user’s privacy in jeopardy.

Here are the Digital Point’s pros and cons.

Digital Point’s Pros:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Signup is free
  • Access to the free webmaster and SEO tools

Digital Point’s Cons:

  • Signup requires using one’s original Facebook account.
  • Low membership strength


What runs through your mind when you saw this SEO forum? It’s a forum for those seeking black hat SEO ideas. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Black Hat World is a community where ideas on the various SEO techniques are shared. These include White and BlackHat SEO techniques.

Every webmaster is aware that Google and other search engines frown at BlackHat SEO. BlackHat is a shortcut and equivalent to passing through the backdoor to boost ranking.

So, even if BlackHat can offer quick outcomes and massive results in record time, you shouldn’t give it a thought.

Google penalizes websites using this technique to rank. And the punishment could be to either demote the website or ensure it no longer appears on search results.

With WhiteHat, it may take a bit longer to start seeing results, but no one would penalize you.

However, many things set BlackHatWorld apart. Besides the vast amount of content, you can tell which user is trustworthy via their rating. You can also rate users.

Here are BlackHatWorld’s pros and cons.

BlackHatWorld’s Pros:

  • Black and WhiteHat SEO topics.
  • Ability to rate and see each member’s rating.

BlackHatWorld’s Cons:

  • BlackHat discussions not palatable


Quora is one of the Q&A platforms, which is both fun and educative at the same time. With over 300 million visitors flocking Quora per month, there’s no denying that it’s the biggest Q&A platform the world over.

Signup is a breeze. You can use your Facebook account, Google account or register with an active email account. After registration, you will be asked to confirm your account and then choose interests.

You can choose digital marketing, SEO, sports, education, or any interest you have. Your interests will help Quora notify you whenever new topics are available, or someone comments on a thread in your chosen interests.

The SEO section has many related questions and answers that will equip you with sound knowledge on SEO, both old and new. You can also share questions under your target category or answer questions you know.

Like Reddit, members in Quora can upvote, downvote, share or comment on posts. You can post any answer that comes to mind. But it’s better to post replies that would benefit others, not just for posting sake.

Here are Quora’s pros and cons.

Quora’s Pros:

  • Huge user-base
  • Popular forum
  • Easy signup
  • Simple to navigate
  • Asking and answering questions is a breeze

Quora’s Cons:

  • Not category-based.
  • Getting answers to a question may take time.

Wicked Fire:

If you are a website developer, webmaster, or internet marketer, Wicked Fire is for you. The platform may not be that popular, but it boasts tons of members and threads.

Wicked Fire has over 200,000 members, and anyone can join the forum. But, it would help if you read the rules first before posting or commenting on Wicked Fire.

The moderators are trigger-happy. And they won’t hesitate to punish any offender.

Affiliate marketers also benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared on this forum. There’s also a section for those interested in trading, though one has to apply caution when trading.

However, Wicked Fire isn’t dedicated to SEO, though there are SEO discussions here and there. You will still learn a lot from this platform SEO-wise, but it won’t be as in-depth as Reddit, SEO Chat Forum, and other related forums.

Here are the Wicked Fire pros and cons.

Wicked Fire’s Pros:

  • Beautiful interface
  • Easy to navigate

Wicked Fire’s Cons:

  • The not secured warning can be a put off for many potential users.
  • SEO thread not as robust as expected.

Yoast SEO Support:

Every internet marketer, developer, blogger, or webmaster knows WordPress is the most used CMS platform. Now, what about Yoast? Is it that popular? Yes.

Yoast is the most popular and widely used SEO plugin out there. It’s also common for users to encounter diverse problems or difficulties understanding this plugin.

Excitingly, WordPress and Yoast plugin has a forum. It’s a community comprising of newbie and professional developers, webmasters, and bloggers.

You can learn a lot from this platform and help others solve problems by sharing your SEO and WordPress knowledge. This forum is also a breeze to navigate, though dedicated to SEO and WordPress.

Here are Yoast SEO Support pros and cons.

Yoast SEO Support’s Pros:

  • Has multiple Yoast SEO questions and their answers
  • Easy to share questions and navigate.

Yoast SEO Support’s Cons:

  • Forum focuses on Yoast SEO.

Google Search Central Help Community:

What community is best to find answers to SEO-related questions or get information on the latest algorithm changes than the almighty Google itself?

The answers provided may not be as diverse as in Reddit or other SEO Forums, but in Google Search Central Help Community, responses are always educative and helpful.

In this community, you have a high chance of having SEO experts answer your questions. These include Gold Product Experts, indicating that the individual has amassed a wealth of knowledge in SEO-related issues and has helped many as well.

You may even find answers from Google employees, which is excellent. So, if you’re seeking a top SEO community to share ideas and learn from the industry’s finest, Google Search Central Help is a must-visit.

Here are the Google Search Central Help’s pros and cons.

Google Search Central Help’s Pros:

  • Answers from experts
  • Google-focused answers

Google Search Central Help’s Cons:

  • Answers are often few


Semrush isn’t the only keyword research tool out there, but it’s loved and used by many. This tool’s detailed results on keywords and information about competitors make it an excellent keyword research option.

Semrush has a Facebook account where everything happens. It’s not a forum, but you can learn about upcoming events, innovations, products, and other helpful tips about Semrush itself.

This tool’s Facebook account is super active and engaging. You can learn a thing or two about keyword research and Semrush from it.

Here are Semrush’s pros and cons.

Semrush’s pros:

  • Active group
  • It contains valuable information about Semrush

Semrush’s cons:

  • Not a forum or community.

V7N Forum

If you’re a developer, chances are you know about V7N. This forum is for developers. You’ll also find topics ranging from web development to internet marketing, focusing on internet marketing, such as search engine optimization.

This community may be about web development but has a marmot collection of SEO-related thread. There are over 19500 threads dedicated to SEO on this platform. SEO form is an internet marketing forum’s subcategory.

Registration is super quick and easy. You can also join the community and access all the threads for free.

Here are the V7N Forum’s pros and cons.

V7N Forum’s Pros:

  • A vast number of threads dedicated to SEO
  • Signup is free and super quick.

V7N Forum’s Cons:

  • Not secure warning may appear as a red flag to many potential members.


These are the best SEO forums and communities every webmaster, content writer, affiliate marketer, and digital marketer should be in. You will learn about SEO and use the knowledge gained to improve your online business or blog.

SEO aims to increase web traffic, mainly organic traffic. With more visitors, you can record more sales or advertising revenue. However, keep in mind that SEO, mostly White Hat takes time. It’s not that simple to get overnight success.

But with persistence and consistency, you can achieve your dreamed result and stay on top of where you wish to belong.

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